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In the realm of healing and personal growth, finding a therapeutic space that not only understands the complexities of trauma but also empowers individuals to navigate their healing journey is paramount. Future Focus Counselling and Consulting, under the compassionate leadership of Zakia Ovington, stands out for those seeking to overcome the shadows of their past.

Trauma therapy is a delicate process that requires more than just expertise; it necessitates a profound understanding of the human psyche, empathy, and an adaptable approach to cater to the unique needs of each individual. Zakia Ovington, with her trauma-informed background, brings a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of empathy to the therapeutic relationship, creating a foundation of trust and safety that is essential for effective healing.

The power of trauma therapy at Future Focus Counselling and Consulting lies in its multifaceted approach. Recognizing that trauma impacts individuals in diverse ways, Zakia employs multiple modalities to address the varying aspects of trauma. This holistic approach ensures that therapy is not just about revisiting painful memories but about empowering individuals to reclaim their sense of self, develop resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

At Future Focus Counselling and Consulting, Zakia Ovington offers a sanctuary for healing that integrates Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This trifecta of evidence-based modalities embodies a holistic approach to therapy, recognizing the intricate interplay between mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) serves as a foundational element in Zakia’s approach, addressing the physiological responses to trauma. By focusing on stabilization and grounding techniques, TIST helps clients manage symptoms of dissociation and emotional dysregulation. This initial step is crucial for creating a sense of safety within oneself, an essential precursor to deeper trauma work.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) introduces clients to a powerful way of understanding their psyche. By identifying and interacting with different parts of themselves, clients learn to heal wounded parts and restore balance. IFS fosters self-compassion and self-awareness, enabling individuals to approach their experiences with curiosity and empathy. This modality acknowledges the complexity of human emotions and behaviors, offering a pathway to harmony and self-leadership.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a transformative therapy that facilitates the processing of traumatic memories. By stimulating the brain’s natural ability to heal, EMDR helps individuals reprocess traumatic information until it is no longer psychologically disruptive. This process is not only about alleviating symptoms but also about fostering an adaptive, positive redefinition of self in relation to traumatic events.

The synergy of TIST, IFS, and EMDR under Zakia Ovington’s guidance offers a comprehensive approach to trauma therapy. This integrative method not only addresses the immediate distress and symptoms associated with trauma but also delves into the deeper, underlying emotional and psychological facets of healing. Clients are not just surviving; they are thriving, equipped with the tools and insights to transform their pain into power.

Future Focus Counselling and Consulting is more than a place for healing; it’s a journey towards empowerment. Zakia’s dedication to her clients’ well-being shines through her use of these modalities, tailored to fit the unique needs and stories of those she serves. Her practice stands as a testament to the belief that with the right support, individuals can move beyond their trauma, embracing a future filled with hope, resilience, and self-discovery.

Zakia Ovington warmly welcomes clients to connect in the manner most convenient and comfortable for them. For those who prefer a personal touch, in-person consultations are graciously hosted at 546 St. Paul Street, Unit 315, in the heart of Kamloops, British Columbia. Alternatively, for ease of access and to accommodate diverse needs, Zakia also offers the flexibility of online sessions. This dual approach ensures that all clients can receive support in a way that best suits their individual preferences and life circumstances.

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