Racial Trauma : Future Focus Counselling & Consulting

Common Sources

  • Personal experiences of racial discrimination or racism
  • Witnessing racial injustice towards others
  • Historical and intergenerational trauma linked to racial oppression
  • Systemic and institutional racism
  • Microaggressions and daily experiences of racial bias

Signs of Emotional Impact

  • Feelings of grief, guilt, or relief
  • Anxiety or depressive symptoms
  • Processing feelings of loss or sadness
  • Struggling with societal or personal stigma
  • Challenges in personal relationships or self-esteem

Therapeutic Approach

Therapy after a volunteer pregnancy termination aims to provide a non-judgmental, supportive space to process emotions and experiences. Approaches may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, or supportive counseling. These methods focus on validating feelings, coping with emotional distress, and addressing any associated trauma or mental health concerns. The goal is to support individuals in their healing journey, helping them navigate complex emotions, overcome stigma, and find a sense of closure or peace. Therapy can also assist in strengthening resilience and fostering a positive sense of self, enabling individuals to move forward in their lives with compassion and understanding.

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Therapy is an investment in your healing, personal growth, and overall life transformation. While it requires time and financial commitment, the rewards can be life-changing. When you're ready to embark on your journey toward healing, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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