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Common Triggers

  • Feeling disrespected, ignored, or unfairly treated
  • Encountering stress, frustration, or challenges
  • Experiencing past traumas or unresolved emotional issues
  • Feeling overwhelmed, helpless, or out of control

Signs of Anger Issues

  • Frequent outbursts or persistent irritability
  • Aggressive behavior or speech towards others
  • Difficulty calming down or relaxing
  • Feelings of regret or shame after outbursts
  • Relationship strains or conflicts due to anger

Therapeutic Approach

Anger management therapy includes techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation methods, and emotional regulation strategies. It aims to identify triggers, express anger in a healthy manner, and develop effective coping strategies. The goal is to enhance emotional regulation, improve communication skills, and increase self-awareness to manage anger proactively. This approach fosters a balanced, peaceful life, improving relationships and personal satisfaction.

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