Life Transitions : Future Focus Counselling & Consulting

Common Transitions

  • Career changes or retirement
  • Relocating to a new place
  • Starting or ending a relationship
  • Becoming a parent or an empty nester
  • Dealing with health changes
  • Loss of a loved one

Signs of Struggle with Life Transitions

  • Anxiety or uncertainty about the future
  • Feelings of loss or grief
  • Difficulty adapting to new roles or environments
  • Relationship strains
  • Questioning personal identity or purpose

Therapeutic Approach

Counseling for life transitions involves understanding the emotional impact of these changes, developing resilience, and finding new meanings. Techniques may include cognitive-behavioral strategies, mindfulness, and narrative therapy. The goal is to build a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and adaptability, helping individuals embrace new chapters in their lives with confidence and positivity.

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