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How it Works

  • The Sound Relationship House Theory: The therapy is based on the Gottmans' Sound Relationship House Theory, which includes essential elements like building love maps (knowing your partner's world), sharing fondness and admiration, and turning towards instead of away.
  • Managing Conflict: The approach teaches couples how to manage conflict constructively. It focuses on the idea that while all couples have conflict, healthy relationships handle it in respectful, positive ways.
  • Creating Shared Meaning: Couples are encouraged to develop a sense of shared meaning and purpose in their relationship, which can include rituals, goals, and roles.
  • Enhancing Connection: The therapy also focuses on enhancing the emotional connection between partners, helping them to understand each other's needs and respond with empathy.

What It's Good For

Gottman’s Couples Counseling is effective for couples at any stage of their relationship, whether they are experiencing significant distress or simply seeking to strengthen their bond. It's particularly useful for addressing issues like frequent arguments, feelings of distance or loneliness in the relationship, infidelity, and difficulty communicating effectively.

In essence, Gottman’s Couples Counseling provides a practical, research-based roadmap for understanding each other better and building a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship. It's not just about solving problems; it's about building a solid foundation of friendship and understanding that can sustain a couple through life's ups and downs.

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