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How it Works

  • Identifying the Dance: EFT helps couples identify their negative interaction patterns—or 'dances'—that they get stuck in. These patterns often cause disconnection and conflict.
  • Understanding Emotions: The therapist guides couples in understanding and expressing their underlying emotions that fuel these patterns. Recognizing these emotions helps partners respond to each other in more caring and effective ways.
  • Rebuilding the Connection: EFT works to rebuild the emotional connection between partners by encouraging new, healthier interaction patterns. This includes fostering empathy and improving communication.
  • Strengthening the Bond: Couples learn to turn to each other and share their needs and emotions in a way that invites compassion and support, strengthening their bond.

What It's Good For

EFT is particularly effective for couples experiencing disconnection, frequent conflicts, emotional distance, or difficulties with trust and intimacy. It's also helpful for relationships affected by past traumas or insecurities. EFT has been found to be beneficial not only for heterosexual couples but also for same-sex couples.

In summary, Emotionally Focused Therapy is about helping couples understand the deeper emotions that lie beneath their conflicts, improving emotional responsiveness, and strengthening the relationship's bond. It's an approach that moves beyond mere problem-solving to foster a deeper, more emotional understanding between partners, creating a stronger, more secure relationship.

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